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TOMZUIN H『bird people』
2009 Release


Freely manipulating synthesizers, electronic sounds, and acoustic techniques, tomzuin h presents a delicate, yet occasionally audacious sound. This sound, which never de-scends into noise even at its most experimental, is a fluid, entrancing electro mix, transcending the borders of electronica, left field, avant-garde, techno, and ambient. Conceived in early 2003, this project is the culmination of a year’s worth shuttling back and forth between his private studio and New York.



"Techno of life" This phrase perfectly describes the first album from Ant Lion. The flesh-and-blood precision bass and vocals of Satoko Arita (Ant) and the mortal Rhodes and Mini Moog of tomzuin h (Lion) together form a sacrificial electro beat. And the group remains wonderfully guitar-free.